Reflections on Moments

I have been a student of Montessori Education for 40 years, in and out of classrooms, in villages and cities.

I have learned from children who have suffered the agony of war, violence, addiction, abuse and hunger. 

I have also learned from children who were cared for so lovingly and who felt safe and who lived in paradise.

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Think of a time when you observed a child...any child...recall the look in their eyes, the movement of their hands as they grasp an object and explore all of its attributes through touch, taste, smell, the intensity of their purpose and concentration, the limitless of their sheer joy...all in a moment.

Regardless of their background, one thing is the same...each moment is full.

Each moment is significant.  Each moment is integrated.

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At 60+ years old, I find myself leaning on this lesson, so graciously shared by my students.  I have found myself back at that place in life where I am following my inner awe.

I think I figured that by this age, I would know much more and not wonder so much.  And yet, now I find myself drawn to these amazing children with the promise of one of those moments, the way I was drawn to them so many, many moments ago.

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I am grateful to my students for all of the moments we have shared that make us who we are today. It is the journey of these Moments that has led me to recall our Montessori roots.

What once was considered "the shame of Italy", the "Quartiere di San Lorenzo" gave birth to the very first Casa dei Bambino, The Children's House. Such humble origins for such great life lessons...110+ years ago... 



                                                                                                                                 Mary Holland Stratton

Montessori... Emerging...strong, inclusive, unifying and reaching out to children, families, and teachers... in the least expected places.


“This is the hope we have—a hope in a new humanity that will come from this new education, an education that is collaboration of man and the universe….”

—The Theosophist, by Dr. Maria Montessori

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