The Apron Project
There's something about putting on an apron that makes a statement, a commitment.
Whenever my Grandma put on her apron, something was going to happen, and it usually involved picking boysenberries, sewing doll clothes, or sweeping the porch.
         I felt so purposeful, so loved.
Take a look at our beautiful, hand-made aprons that your children will love wearing! They are soft, seasonal and create a lovely beginning and end to any activity!
What's In A Name?
English, Spanish  & Hawaiian
We have a lovely selection of 3-part Montessori matching cards available for download. Culturally relevant materials, many are in Spanish and Hawaiian language.  Many are hand-painted and include animals of the rainforest, fruits and vegetables, Hawaiian reef fish, parts of a sailboat, and many, many more!
Let There Be Music!

Being lovers of music, Montessori teachers, and Mick being a jazz musician, it just seemed natural to produce a CD of our original music ... so we did!  We wanted the children to have the experience of hearing and interacting with different styles of music. We also wanted teachers and parents to enjoy listening to it because we just knew the children would want to sing along with it all the time!


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